• 1927 - Merriweather Pleasure
  • 1928 - Samantha Sterling
  • 1929 - Cancelled due to the market crash (Great Depression)
  • 1930 - Sutter Beswick
  • 1931 - Hathaway Browne
  • 1932 - Hathaway Browne
  • 1933 - Hathaway Browne
  • 1934 - Hathaway Browne
  • 1935 - Hathaway Browne
  • 1936 - Hathaway Browne
  • 1937 - Emil Bleehall

The Balderdash Cup is the Avdenturers Club annual competition held every December 31. Only club members or relatives of past and current club members may compete.

1. Each competing member shall tell or actually demonstrate on true to life adventure.
2. Upon completion of the tales, the audience shall determine the winner through their applause.
3. All members must be present inside the library to compete.
4. Each permanent member of the Adventurers Club shall be eligible to compete for the Balderdash Cup provided that he, or she, arrives before midnight of the contest date.

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