Also known as "Polynesian War Chant".

There's a sunny little, funny little melody
It was started by a native down in Waikiki
He would gather a crowd down beside the sea
And they'd play his gay Hawaiian Chant

Soon the other little natives started singing it
And the hula hula maidens starting swinging it
Like a tropical storm, that's the way it hit
Funny little gay Hawaiian chant

Au we ta huala
Au we ta huala

Though it started on an island down Hawaii way
It's as popular in Tennessee or Ioway
If you wander into any cabaret
You will hear this gay Hawaiian chant

Au we ta huala
Au we ta huala

Au we atuala
Au we atuala

Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la
Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la
Pututui lu a ite toe la
Hanu lipo ita paalai

Au we ta huala
Au we ta huala

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