Shows held in the club's library

Shows held elsewhere in the club

Special holiday shows

  • Holiday show, radio broadcast featuring club members and rousing holiday melodies

Past shows held in the library

  • Gypsy Show, featuring Madame Zarkoff and Fletcher Hodges
  • Fletcher's New Discovery, featuring Fletcher Hodges and Emil Bleehall
  • President's Welcome Party, featuring Pamelia Perkins, Graves, Emil Bleehall (replaced by the newer Welcome Ceremony)
  • Mandora's Cabaret, featuring Mandora and the Maid (replaced with Samantha's Cabaret)
  • Fingers Plays Requests  last show of the evening where guests would try to stump Fingers by shouting out titles to all types of music (commercial jingles, classical, show tunes, etc) and FIngers would play a few bars of the tune

Past shows held elsewhere in the club

  • Exorcism, members gathered in the Main Salon to protect the club from the I-4 Nomads.
    Song Lyrics

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